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Our Philosophy

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At Perspectives Counselling & Psychological Services, we believe the most effective mechanisms for change are through education, the therapeutic relationship and hope.

The entire therapeutic process is an educational experience. Individuals learn their own contribution to the present situation, enabling them to recognize their own power and ability to produce change.

Change is contagious and once adaptive behaviors are identified, labeled and positively reinforced, they can often trigger more change. 

Psycho - Educational Assessments

Most often, the purpose of this type of assessment is to help determine your child’s learning strengths and challenges in order to provide the school staff and yourself with suggestions for programming. As well, the assessment information maybe used to assist the school in making placement and or funding decisions for your child. At other times, an assessment is required before a referral to other community agencies can occur (e.g. Learning Development Clinic). It is my belief that the more we understand the children we work with, the greater our opportunity to help them be successful.

To prepare your son or daughter for the assessment, you may choose to tell your child that I will be seeing them to do some work with them to see how they learn best. Depending on the age of your child, and his or her reaction to the assessment, you may choose to share more. You can relieve any anxieties they might have and help them to start the day with a good sleep and a healthy breakfast. If your child is ill or tired on the day of the assessment and you feel that your child would not be able to perform to their usual ability, you may choose to contact me and we can discussing the option of postponing the assessment. Please know that I make every attempt to have children feel comfortable during the assessment process and do my best to make it a positive experience for your child.

The assessments I may use with your child are the WISC-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children), the WIAT-III (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test) and the BASC-2 (Behavior Assessment System for Children). All of these assessments are standardized assessments that allow a student’s performance to be compared to other students their own age. The WISC includes questions that measure language skills, visual perceptual abilities, processing speed and memory skills. The WIAT is an achievement assessment that examines your child’s academic skills, their strengths and challenges in a variety of subject areas, such as math, spelling, reading, comprehension and writing. The BASC is an assessment tool developed to provide information about a child’s social, emotional and behavioral functioning at home and/or at school.

In addition to the information gathered from the assessments, I may also review information provided by your child’s teacher and by you, performing classroom observations and reviewing information in their school file, such as report cards or previous assessments. As well, part of the assessment process, I would request you to complete the attached questionnaire to provide your valuable insights and information about your child. All this background information allows me to see your child in the context of both the home and school environment.

Once the assessment is completed, I will write a report which will include a summary of the background information, a description of you child’s test-taking attitudes and behaviors, how your child performed on the test in relation to other children the same age and in relation to their performance in other areas. After the report is completed, I will arrange a time for me to meet with you and relevant school staff to present the information gathered in the testing process. During the meeting, you will receive a copy of the report. 

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